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I had a meeting this week with the IT division at Bell & Company. WOW what an optical eye opener. We’ve some technology that has been implemented at the firm that just blows me away. The things you can certainly do with it are endless almost. Down time is nonexistent baring a natural disaster virtually.(Knock on wood, right) The simple working within the systems while people remain working is a breeze. They refer to it as “Cloud” processing. In our industry protecting the given information of our clients is priority. I’d say that we are 100% paperless at the moment. That will not imply that we do not have paper resting around, that won’t change but our workpapers, etc are online.

It might sound scary, but you are going to need to know how to talk to influencers via email and learn how to capture their attention. I used email as the absolute backbone for grabbing attention for my blog. You’ll notice I advocate a 3-5 paragraph potential, without more than two sentences per paragraph. Really, the shorter the better, this one was actually a bit longer of an example because I needed to match a few strategies in.

  1. Can persuade others
  2. A system so you can get them a subscription to your email list
  3. Use a clear identification of email address
  4. Keep your socks inside your shoes to save more space
  5. Did you know that psychology professor John Burke was at the game

You’ll also observe that I start off with “I’m a fan”, signifying some loyalty to the individual I’m calling. I also state the benefits in a primary manner: “My audience would enjoy…”, telling the individual that I have an audience that they could get more exposure to. Lastly, I post a the best example I have, one of mine can be an interview with Michal Menert, which got over 180 shares in 24 hours.

Yet, when I would feature an independent or “just starting out” artist, they would almost always reveal the post on internet sites, send me a many thanks email, and much more (such as providing unreleased music, just for my site! Think that this plan is exclusive to my niche? Try changing the term “blogger” with “artist” in the paragraphs above. You can pursue the same strategy, calling “up and comers”, by hooking up with and featuring to be superstars in your specific niche market soon. My personal undertake this strategy?

I started a weekly feature called “Follow Friday” where I’d feature 7 independent artists who experienced submitted their tracks to me. By pairing up these talented however, not yet set up artists, I’d 7 split personalities (and their growing following) posting the same post all at one time. This not only provided a unique feature for my site, but it got me more links and social shares instantly. Funny how that works: people with a lot to gain from you mentioning them will be grateful in exchange.

Outside of just doing a presented post or linking to other bloggers, build relationships them directly! As an example: I did so an interview with Rafal Tomal for my marketing blog Sparring Mind. I took a topic people wished to read, found under-appreciated skills that knew what they were talking about, and put them for just one dynamite post collectively. What kind of interviews & collaborations would you be forming with up-and-coming bloggers in your niche? I’ve got a love/hate relationship with social press. On one hand, it’s great as an “icebreaker”, and creating connections that have long-term results for your brand, as well as being a good traffic source.

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