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Marissa is a mother of 2 who’s already in her 40s, but I keep telling her she looks so much younger and better than her throwback photos 10 roughly years ago. A very important factor I love about her is her love for the awesome yet most elementary necessity in life: Food! Krispy Kreme glazed donut? She’s also our go-to person to have custom-made clothes. Our odd pole dancer bodies have actually made us semi-give up on RTW and just run to Marissa to have outfits custom-made. This woman is the main one behind Katricewear, which does made-to-measure clothes.

She understands our broader backs and shoulder blades and cross-ankle legs and exactly how off-shoulder clothes pop out of our shoulders and become strange boat-necks. I still have to muster enough self-confidence for the belly-low plunging top or jumpsuit she tells me to wear – away skintone net (1-day, I will. We were so engrossed with telling stories to one another we forgot to have a super before photo: Which means this is her picture with just base makeup, which is a before since I used basis with medium-light coverage somewhat.

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I usually see Marissa in bright pink lipstick. I held the pink but made it a lighter tone still, not necessarily the rose pink however the light, fresh red, She always wears her hair directly. I tried to include just some curl at the ends and gave the bangs some volume. When the curls straightened via a little of finger-combing, it became just relaxed waves, week like the not-super-straight hair trend from New York Fashion.

Doing her makeup has been fun. She’s so funny, she’s making me eat as I really do her makeup as there were chopped up Fuji apples and potato chips on the table. She’s an amazing host, a skilled pole dancer and business owner, and she’s got a lovely and well-balanced life. It had been a super fun makeup session! The looks were so much fun to do on the gorgeous ladies that I have put makeup on.

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Obsession doesn’t even start to describe could felt about this makeup launch. There have been countless makeup launches that I have seen or I have been a part of, but nothing could have ready me for what Fenty Beauty was about to do. The industry was going to be shaken, and do you know what? It’s been, but in the simplest way possible! For me personally, whenever I see that a superstar or a pop-culture influencer are placing their name behind a makeup line, I tend to take it with a grain of sodium.

1. How included is the superstar with the introduction of the relative line? 2. What products are they starting their start with? 3. Where is the release taking place? Online or In-Store or Both? 4. Being in Canada, is this something that will here be accessible? I ventured to Sephora at Yorkdale and was pleased to discover the Fenty was acquired by them collection! In addition they had stock of the favorite items and even had a meeting centered throughout the launch.

I was pleased to see that it was FULL Collection, more information on foundation shades with various undertones, you Will see your match therefore. I could be color matched on the fly by 2 very lovely Sephora associates and could get my foundation shade. I possibly could get my hands on, but the reason got the best of me. Therefore I proceeded to go over to the center of the store and sat right down to see what made sense for me.

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