Taken By Surprise

A woman’s bag is a woman’s life. We much bring everything and your kitchen sink around with us quite, but I’ll claim that it just makes us extra prepared! I’ve been interning as of this incredible company going back months or two, so I’ve upgraded the back pack that I used to try university beside me to a classier, more expanded faux leather tote up. And with this new bag, comes a lot of things to devote it!

The bag that I use was a complimentary gift with purchase from Shiseido (thanks mum!) and it’s remarkably great quality. The bag is soft faux leather with a suede-like coating and there is a detachable bag inside also, which is fantastic because the big handbag doesn’t zip up – so I can keep my valuables in that little pouch. So, what goes inside?

  • Abdominal weight problems (also called pot or beer stomach)
  • “You should figure out how to control your temper…”
  • Contains 100% Natural Colloidal Oatmeal
  • Recycling – reusing ends of soap by milling them and remix them collectively
  • My iPod
  • ↑ 2.0 2.1 “THE HOME of Black and White”
  • 1: “He’s like, 7 feet high! (“Eight!”) Eight! He does not have the dogs with him, though.”

Of course, the usual suspects! My phone (filled with the adorably hilarious telephone case that my best friend gave me), my tips and my wristlet pocket from Sportsgirl. If I’m running out the door for smaller trips, this is usually all I take with me. I tend to will have something to read with me, be it a book or a magazine.

I usually choose one up from the newsagent on the path to my internship each day, because my commute there is an hour. 5 – i.e. a walk, a bus, three trains, and another walk then. So I like to have something to flick through to make the right time passes!

If I don’t, you’ll probably find me scrolling through Instagram or scheduling articles for my blog’s Facebook page. Being a writing intern and a journalism graduate, a pen, and notebook is a staple addition to my bag. I like to create a place to write down any ideas and keep an eye on my to-do list for my daily internship tasks.

My notebook and pen are both from Typo – how pretty are they! I’m the type of person who will almost always have food on me. So I like to take with you a treat (in cases like this, an MANY THANKS nut-bar), and a bottle of water. I really don’t drink sufficient water, so I’m attempting to train myself into better practices.

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