Lecture Notes, Course 1, Investment Analysis

Efficient Market Hypothesis I EMH: security prices fully reveal all available information. I Hear, “efficiency” refers to informational efficiency. I I I How fast information is integrated in prices? Do prices reveal fundamental ideals accurately? – Market rationality Informational efficiency: price changes are completely random and unpredictable. New information is impounded in prices sufficiently fast. EMH: three forms Weak form, Semi-strong form, and Strong Form I Weak form tests – tests of return predictability.

Information set contains the past prices background, firm characteristics, market characteristics, plus some particular time. I Semistrong form tests – Information place consists of announcements (earnings, dividend policy, stock split, etc.) I Strong form testing – Information collection consists of open public and private information. Example Suppose that Steve Jobs revived and announced to be Apple CEO again. How should the share price of Apple react to this news?

It keeps only 2 of the 5 ETFs of major asset classes anytime (or holds hands down the 3 ETFs with the ETF Investment System for pension accounts). It really is simple, easy to follow, and investments about 25 times per yr. Most importantly, it fulfills the ultimate winning investment principle of “cut losses short, let profits run”.

Unbacked and inherently worthless paper fiat money (paper money) allowed the united states to find yourself in this bankrupt mess, and it must perish before we can ever truly restore our fiscal sanity. I’m available to other bases for currency, but silver and gold were employed by well for over 6000 years of recorded human history extraordinarily! Fourthly, the New & Improved US tells the world that we will pay off the Old Republic’s debt at 10 cents on the dollar in the new gold/silver backed currency. Our international creditors usually take it or leave it.

  • 10 years ago from Oklahoma
  • Secured debt, 16,75% planned annual return
  • Broader supply and demand fundamentals searching for this particular asset class
  • Military Personnel Loan
  • They can be purchased on the chosen token’s future and success

All international holders of dollars will be also compensated for his or her now worthless fiat dollars. Yes, I am aware of the dire financial & trade implications of the radical move. There will be retaliation and trend fond of the New US by the international bank community. We will undoubtedly have problems with their powerful wrath for a time. Future generations will be forced to live much more modestly than we SENIORS have enjoyed.

However, the American quality lifestyle that we’ve known is just not sustainable anymore. We’ll have to move it back again to around 1950 or even more. People in America will exchange their paper fiat Federal Reserve records for the new gold and silver currency as well. It is my hope that we can do much better than 10% for our people, but that depends on the level of the new money source.

At any rate, we’ll compensate our citizenry first before dealing with the foreigners. Lastly, our New Republic shall maintain for legal reasons a genuine pay-as-you-go policy. This new US will no be a superpower much longer. We will be more like England is nowadays. China will probably run things for quite a while. We’ll function as a consultant or simply eventually even as a good example to the world (the town on the Hill), but we’ll function no more than its master. Being the last of the world’s superpowers was certainly glamorous and heady, however, the cost in compromises to your national character and values have been almost as staggering as the debt we’ve accrued controlling the world’s affairs.

We just can no longer afford to save lots of the world, at the expense of our very own national survival. It’s an extreme plan, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the situation of our country now is like an episode of the FOX Television show HOUSE. The patient is critical and is going to die unless Dr. House thinks up some off-the-wall EXTREME solution! However, I ask you what other realistic alternatives do we possess at this unhappy juncture really? Business as normal miserably has failed our citizenry! I really believe only the inevitable descent of the USA into the darkness, and the death of America as a nation state for all time lies in wait for us all, should we jointly NOW fail to Take action!

= $ =p>Time is fast! Hyperinflation seems unavoidable as fiat paper money is being printed as fast as the united states presses can run. PLEASE BE AWARE: I think about this blog an authentic intellectual exercise that offers extreme solutions for the extreme problems of America. I love this country and its people, and I do not lightly offer such radical recommendations. But I FIRMLY think that to do nothing and invite this great country to perish from the Earth would be the best in treason & treachery!

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