17 Fitness Instagram Accounts TO CHECK OUT In 2019

Do you like stunning visuals? An everyday dose of Dylan Werner doing impossible poses in beautiful places is all the inspiration you will need to consider up your own yoga exercises practice-or to just get outside every occasionally. Don’t be amazed either if you have an abrupt urge to get inked up.

Good food and a good perspiration program are Lee Hersh’s breads and butter. She started her passion project, the blog, in 2011 after departing the corporate world, and she’s never appeared back again. Her Instagram is always full of workout routines and delicious recipes-who doesn’t want more food pictures on the Instafeed?

With over 6 million Instagram supporters, we wouldn’t be surprised if you already follow Kayla Itsines. She not only shares her own fitness photos but her fans’ progress, too, offering advice and encouragement along their trip. Itsines offers motivational quotes, workout tips, and a glimpse into her life as she helps people become the healthiest versions of themselves.

Under Armor’s fantastic ballerina Misty Copeland is so follow-worthy this season, as seen by her 1.3 million Instagram fans. She’s a primary dancer for the American Ballet Theatre-the first African-American female to attain the feat-and she definitely works for this. Misty is on point really, and she’s a perfect exemplary case of getting fit while doing what you love. Why wouldn’t you want to check out the trainer of a few of your preferred, fittest celebrities? He even trains the Rock-come on! Gunnar Peterson’s account is filled with motivation to truly get you from the couch-even on the hardest day. You can catch Gunnar training up Khloe Kardashian on Revenge Body or you can save a while and follow him.

Hannah Bronfman’s Instagram account is the perfect mixture of fitness, food, and the energetic lifestyle that people love. The ACTIVE Instagram account provides motivation for all types of fitness junkies. Runners, triathletes, cyclists, yogis, and anyone else passionate about living an active, healthy lifestyle can find ideas and inspiration to keep them moving.

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Plus, we love to link to our latest fitness and nutrition articles, so it’s a great way to keep up with us. Whether you’re a devoted CrossFitter or you’re considering jumping on the bandwagon, you’ll find plenty of intense WODs and other attention-grabbing articles. CrossFit has become a worldwide phenomenon lately, and although some are skeptical about the movement, the results don’t rest. You will not find too many workouts or formulas on Jen Selter’s Instagram account, but her 10.5 million supporters don’t complain.

Her account might be more about her toned body than how she got it, but we’d be lying if we said viewing her results didn’t make us want to do an HIIT workout right this very minute. Kaisa Keranen is a Seattle-based fitness expert and certified badass. If her Instagram doesn’t persuade you that ladies should lift, nothing will probably.

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