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Kellen Chase is an all natural bodybuilding enthusiast and has been lifting heavy weights for 9 years. Kellen is interested in Bodybuilding, WEIGHT TRAINING EXERCISE, Personal Training, Internet Marketing, hi-tech gizmos and disjointed unrelated lists seemingly. Kellen and Ryan would like to know what’s worked for you. Kellen writes about bodybuilding with Ryan Littleton on the blog.

Jamie – I performed field hockey and lacrosse 6th grade through senior calendar year of high school. You may know a few of my teammates from high school, Alicia Bri and Marie! I never planned to play a sport in college, but after engaging in Ursinus College and hearing amazing reasons for having their field hockey program, I made a decision to try out for the team as a walk on.

I was one of the lucky few walk ons that survived pre-season and made the team. Throughout my college career, my team made it to the NCAA DIII tournament each year, rendering it to the Final Four and earning the DIII nationwide championship double! It had been such a fun and amazing experience!

Being a member of the Ursinus Bears field hockey team and program shaped who I am today as an athlete – I’ll always miss it. To help fill the void to be on a sports team, now I play co-ed Softball and Flag Football in my company’s intramural group. Got some cool (or uncool) hobbies you’d like to share?

Mark – I like to cook and make art sticktails. Other than that, crossfit is a spare time activity of mine and so is golf. Did I mention I love art sticktails? Jamie – Does CrossFit count? I’m not sure if these would rely as interests, but I really like cooking food new paleo recipes, hosting events and trying new restaurants.

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Oh, and if you put a Nintendo in front of me, it will be hard to tear me from a casino game of Super Mario away. What has been your biggest achievement at CrossFit generally? Mark – my biggest accomplishment has truthfully been regularity. Since I’ve joined about 2.5 years ago I try workout about 5x per week and have been very successful.

I haven’t had this amount of consistency in an workout routine in my entire life. To joining KoP Prior, Jamie was at a different crossfit fitness center and she’d awaken to visit the morning class and she’d try to wake me up to go to LA Fitness. It worked some full times.

Other days, she’d think I’d wake up and go but to her shock, I’d just get back to sleep rather than go because I wasn’t motivated enough. …and pullups. When I first started I had to use the largest band we’d AND a small music group to get ONE pullup…Steph remembers…and now, I can string a whole lot, nutrients.

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