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  • Now transfer this mashed banana into a combining dish
  • Can You Regrow Overplucked Eyebrows
  • Clear film covering to safeguard eyeshdows
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So, in a real way, I’m pleased to hear that this appears to be more of a physical response to cell phones than other things. I’m not sure it’s warmth related, because the temperature doesn’t cause me to flareup in this way. I’m going out on a limb here, but having removed the majority of the improbable causes, it appears to me that this is connected to mobile phone waves.

Of course, as always, that’s real speculation. LCD displays causing face discomfort and ‘burning up’ – I’m happy that I came across this site. The recent debate around health insurance and screens, and the potential effects on one’s eye were very interesting. Another ongoing health aspect with screens that some individuals experience, myself included, is that time in front of a screen causes your skin on one’s face to get irritated.

I’m quite a while computer user, and this started with CRTs. LCD displays are better, but even they are causing problems now. I have looked for information on this but have found hardly any. I was questioning whether anyone with this discussion board could throw any light with this certain area.

I have wondered whether it’s the fluorescent back lighting that causes the problem, and will, which means that that LED backlighting, particularly something like LG’s GB-LED system with less phosphor than the solitary led systems, would be an improvement? This is an interesting subject you’ve bought up here and in honesty is not really something I’m acquainted with or attended across in other people (I’m sure others must ‘silently suffer’ with this sort of thing as well). I don’t think the backlight itself should be leading to any sort of physiological response (at least, not at all something specific to displays rather than other artificial or day light sources).

Do you experience any sort of skin irritation when outdoors, perhaps on a sunny day (not talking about the sunburn, of course)? What about other light resources like lamps in family members or mobile device screens (smartphones, tablets etc.)? I’m also questioning about the sort of onset time prior to the irritation begins. Is it something that occurs fairly quickly after using a monitor or does a bit to be taken by it of time?

Also, how a long time before it ‘calms down’ after ceasing use of the monitor? As I say this is a superb and intriguing topic you’ve bought up here! Direct sunlight is no problem beyond sunburn issues, nor are normal incandescent lights. LED lights appear OK-ish. Fluorescent lighting is however a problem and have been at least since my twenties. CRT screens and traditional style TVs were/are also a problem.

Tablets (my Nexus 7, my wife’s iPad 2) and smartphones also have to turn into a problem since their access into our life about eight weeks ago to the main point where I no more use the tablets. You inquire about the onset time. The reaction starts within a few minutes, and depending on length of exposure, can take 2-3 days to stay down.

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