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I’ve been getting several inquiries about the picture booth setup I had formed to put together up at the Northern Short Course last week. I’d never done this set up quite like this before, save for once at a friend’s wedding, however in that setting, there was no computer printer for the immediate gratification of the self-portrait subjects.

Up in Warwick, subjects walked with a 5×7 to memorialize their experience away. 305 (after mail in rebates)! 15 mere seconds, and 6×8’s in around 20 secs. My next step was the program necessary for immediate gratification. We of the digital age want to see our data files within minutes now. This printer doesn’t disappoint, but getting the files from camera to print was the task.

In steps Tim at TriPrism, who has this amazing TEPS-X software that provides files from shutter release to press in about 20 secs total. Here, you’ll see how Baltimore Sun photojournalist David Hobby produced repetitive 5×7’s and continuing to photograph himself with them. Here are ONE, TWO, and THREE examples of individuals that are posing Using their 5×7’s with the software-added event logo overlay.

Here, you can see the vast majority of the images that were imprinted through the weekend. LCD screen will let people see themselves in the viewfinder as they are arranging themselves. I have other uses because of this, of course, I am not buying it because of this rig, but I understand it will be helpful.

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I was only able to find one way to automatically have the images (on a Mac), BECAUSE THEY ARE SHOT, refresh, and it was using the “desktop images folder” set within system choices to achieve that. All other applications, you started the glide show once, it only utilized whatever images were in the folder when the slideshow started, even the screen saver. One wired remote for the camera, so people could do self-portraits. One super clamp with a U-hook on it so that individuals could return the wired remote to it’s right place below the camera for another guest.

At one point, we used Pocket Wizards to result in the pack by the camera but turned to hard wired when the batteries ran out and we’d forgotten AA. Remember that the equipment is raised from the desk through the party with equipment situations, incase anyone spilled an ale. It didn’t happen, but we wished to be safe!

Paper was standard 9′ superwhite Savage brands, used for both backdrop wall structure, and the projected image wall structure. All paper was taped up, eliminating stands that individuals could on the trip. Note that it is not my plan or intention to go into the picture booth business. I figured this rig because I wanted to take action fun at the NSC out, and it may make it’s way to some other upcoming photographer’s gathering. However, I love the ability to have the ability to offer this kind of service to my regular clients, when requested, and, more importantly, to have the ability to produce reprints in the house for those clients who need imprinted pieces. So, why utilize this rig? Why spend money on the program?

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