How To Get A FRESH York Liquor License

There are a few steps to obtaining a New York License and the process is supposed to be pretty straightforward. THE BRAND NEW York government does not want to be overly difficult to begin and run a business but liquor-related business have through the years become more controlled. There are some minimal requirements to getting the permit and you’ll have already heard of them. They are things like you need to be considered a US citizen or a Permanent Resident.

You should also be 21 years of age and not a felon, unless you obtain a Certificate of Release from Civil Disabilities. Additionally you cannot be a law enforcement officer with arresting forces. The location shouldn’t be within 200 ft of a full time place or cathedral of worship. The application can be downloaded from the New York Liquor License website, you can call them and have for a printed version or you can get one from a fresh York Liquor License Attorney like our firm.

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Then the printed application should be completed and sent with the application form fee to the Zone Office for your part of NY State. You can check the status of your liquor license as it progresses online at the New York State Liquor Authority website. Or if we are managing it for you, we will keep you posted. The liquor license application process for New York should take several weeks but sometimes recently has taken as long as 9 months. If the process involves even more complicated matters like more than 3 liquor portion organizations within 500 feet it can take longer.

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