Confessions OF THE Twirly Girl

This week, meet the lovely Lori Myers, a protege of Twirly Girls Pole Fitness! How did you get started understanding how to pole dance? A few years ago, I visited the S Factor in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA and had taken one of their intro classes. I put heard some of their teachers on an area radio show.

I enjoyed it, however the studio was difficult for me to access (almost two hours commute each way with city traffic). Flash forward to October of last year … my friend received an e-mail about Twirly Girls Pole Fitness in Pleasanton, California (only about 25 minutes away from my house).

My friend, Rita, and I create a taster course for November and we were signed up for full-time classes by December. How do you learn (pole dance classes, DVD, YouTube?)? Weekly with Bel Jeremiah at Twirly Young ladies I take classes one or two times, but I also have a pole at home and also have several Jamilla Deville’s DVDs. This season I required one of Jamilla’s workshops at the studio room.

She was so beautiful to watch, a lot of fun, and had great information for those folks just getting started (even though I’m almost a yr in, I still consider myself somewhat of a newbie). What do you want to do when you’re not pole dancing? I love the picture taking and horseback riding, although I had fashioned to stop my horse last year.

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I am spending lots of time at the fitness center lately (to reduce some recently-added weight and get stronger for pole-dancing). I work for a statutory lawyer to pay the bills, but I definitely don’t like to determine myself by my job. I love using my blog as an outlet. It began as a pole dance blog, but I reveal health and exercise in there a lot being that they are so much an integral part of my entire life (I had fashioned gastric bypass almost seven years ago and lost 165 pounds). What’s your fantasy for yourself in pole dance?

I see videos of the famous pole dancers and envision myself doing everything they are doing. I recently saw the launch for Miss Pole Dance Australia 2010 (Felix Cane begins it out). I thought, I wish to do ALL OF THAT. Realistically, I may not be able to, however in my mind, I’m already there. I also saw a picture of Jessalynn Medairy at Pole Summer Camp in the Caribbean with Milan Pole Dance Studio. The flex in her back again is amazing. Again, in my own mind, I look like that.

Realistically, not so much! My current wish is to invert within half a year. I am spending a lot of time at the gym slimming down and gaining strength to get there. How could you describe your individual style? I believe most would explain me as a filthy and down rock chick.

I like loud, fast rock and roll tracks. I am focusing on slowing things down and being more sensual. I am all about false eyelashes. EASILY don’t want to invest a lot of your time to make up, I put in my crimson connections and fake lashes and I’m good to go.

Otherwise, on a daily basis, I’ve stopped wearing make up. Only if I want to go out or feel like I have someone to impress (like myself). Barefoot, sneakers, or system heels? I am convenient barefoot. I’ve five or six different platform heels and I’m attempting to apply in those, as well.

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