The United States Is A Corporation … AND ARE ALSO You

The USA is different from the United States of America. There is also a difference between an American Citizen and a USA Citizen. The flags used to signify these two things are also different. An American Flag vertically has the stripes, while the United States Flag horizontally gets the stripes. People all the right time is flying and saluting the flag, but have no idea about the differences in the two really. A lot of people also don’t realize how paying allegiance to which flag impacts their rights. An American has different rights than does a Citizen of the United States.

The two have different Constitutions, and even different laws. This is why we often see our government doing things that we think are in violation of the Constitution, but they get in trouble never. It’s because they really are not violating anything; we only think these are. Most people have no idea or understand how things really work. Most people believe that we’ve 50 states in the Union, but there are really 100 areas.

There are 101 states, if you count up the constant state of Israel. Perhaps you have ever wondered why America defends and funds the State of Israel, even though it’s against the will of individuals? Because, Israel is a continuing state of America, that’s why. Every condition of America is in fact two states. Using Texas for example, you have the “State of Texas” and “Texas State.” There is not only one Texas; there are two, which applies to every state in the Union. When the name of the state is followed by the word “State” (Texas State), this is the landmass known as Texas.

When the words “State of” show up before the name of the state (State of Texas), this is the Federal Government operating within the boundaries of the landmass known as Texas. So, the “State of Texas” is the government; “Texas State” is the State Government. You will find two different government authorities working within the borders of each continuing state in our country. This implies, we always have two different governments operating at the same time. That is very able to keep us from understanding what is actually happening in what we believe to be our government. It also has a simple influence on us being able to understand what our rights are actually.

The USA and America of America will vary. Similar to how things work at the continuing state level, there’s also two distinctly different Federal governments operating within the edges of the united states as well. America is a landmass; the United States of America (USA) is the United States (US) working within the edges of the landmass known as America. The United States is not just a country; it’s not a good government.

The United States is a corporation, It is a similar as Ford, Google, Amazon, or any of the rest of it. AMERICA is a corporation — not just a country or authorities. Employees of the United States are called Citizens. Walmart telephone calls its employees Associates; America Corporation phone calls its employees Citizens.

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The only thing you have to do to get the work is to admit to being a “US Citizen.” Are you a US Citizen? If you have ever filled out a job application, you are an employee of America. As an employee, you better do what you are told by them and follow all the rules — whether you like it or not.

You don’t inform your employer how things are going to be; they let you know — and you do it too better, if ya know what’s best for ya. Yeah, that is the way it works and we all know it. A very long time ago, our country worked well in a manner that the individuals were responsible for the authorities; the government manages the people now. AMERICA Corporation was incorporated in Delaware in 1871 and was granted permission to take action by the throne of England.

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