One World Lounges, SFO

It had been a few years since I stopped at the Cathay Pacific lounge, since the majority of my recent international plane tickets have been to Sydney on Air New Zealand. I am traveling there a great deal, and within the US a great deal, but somehow, not any other international locations. I was happy to get a chance to take a look again. The Cathay Lounge is certainly my favorite of the One World lounges at SFO. Not that it is amazing in anyway, but it is not nearly as crowded, and staff seem far more on top of things, replenishing everything constantly and welcoming guests warmly.

The decor is also more my style. I must say i appreciate the large high table, with stools, or, if you are me, ideal for standing height. Drinks are all self serve, soft drinks, beer, wine, and spirits. Whole fruit, and assorted chips are together with the beer station. I appreciated the canned drink line up, including Perrier gleaming water. The alcohol lineup was decent, with a nice variety of red varietals to choose from.

I had a decent enough old vine Zin. There are two food channels, one with only cold items, and one with both hot and chilly items, plus the drinks, and made to order noodle section. I’m nearly sure why the small station exists, but it got some of the better looking items.

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Fruit Salad, Pasta Salad. I attempted the pasta salad once I had been disappointed by the hot foods, but it was quite dreadful, incredibly over dressed, oily. The grilled vegetables (two types of squash and peppers) looked decent, and a selection of dressings was provided to look with salad. I didn’t try any of this however. Basic salad greens were in both of the frosty sections.

A decent fall into line of carrots, peppers, cucumbers, tomato vegetables, black olives, hard boiled egg, and grilled rooster curved out the salad club. All looked fresh fairly. Cheese, Cold Cuts, Sandwiches. Next was an array of cheeses (brie, gruyere, manchego) and chilly cuts (turkey, ham, pastrami), plus pre-made sandwiches. Interesting, the primary food section acquired pre-made sandwiches, but they were completely different, and paled in comparison to these.

These actually appeared decent, a turkey membership, blt, or “Pesto Turkey” that even acquired melted mozzarella cheese and was served on dutch crunch! EASILY had wanted more substantial food, I would have tried these certainly. 2: Hot and Cold. The bigger food station featured hot items, more sandwiches and salads, and baked goods.

Seafood fried rice, Sauteed Lemongrass Chicken, Pork with Spinach, Beef with Green Onion, Sauteed Green Beans. From your hot foods club, I attempted all the stir fries, but skipped the deep-fried rice. These were frequently replenished. The sauteed lemongrass chicken had great flavor, however the chicken was prevented by me, and had the decently cooked veggies.

The pork with spinach wasn’t great, just mushy spinach. Beef with green onions was chewy, but again, the veggies had decent flavor. The green beans were eh. Sandwiches, Salad, Cold Cuts, Cheese. The pre-made sandwiches in this section appeared boring compared to the ones from the first section extremely, they were all cut into triangles, offered on standard sliced up bread. Ham, turkey, tuna, or veggie.

If you will want sandwich, walk to the other place definitely! This section also had pre-made individual salads, rather than the nicer make our very own salad bar, and sliced meats and cheese, again, a smaller looking assortment than the small station. Moreover certain area, a variety of pastries (leftover from breakfast time?) remained, a few chocolate and croissants croissants.

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