STEPS TO MAKE Sure You Are Buying Cruelty Free Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic products make you feel more beautiful and well informed to handle the world. However, does it not bother you if you understand rabbits, rats, Guinea pigs, and other pets have been used to master the formulation of your makeup, lipstick, eyeshadow, or lotion? While we put colors on our faces, make our lips glow, and our eye to expire for, hundreds of thousands of animals are killed unfortunately, blinded, or poisoned by the irresponsible players of the makeup products industry. However, there is also the good bunch that only create and sell cruelty-free aesthetic products.

Cruelty free simply means that they are not examined on animals. Having a summary of companies that only market-cruelty free cosmetic products is great but if you don’t have it useful, how do you be sure you are only buying makeup products not examined on animals. You will need to start taking a look at what you have at home. Check your different beauty products and even home cleaning items and see which ones are tagged as “cruelty-free” or “vegan.” Check if they have icons or other brands that could suggest the merchandise was not tested on animals. If you’re not certain, you can visit the web site of the manufacturer and always check.

You can also go to the website of PETA or other organizations that push for cruelty free cosmetic products on the market. You can certainly find cruelty-free goods at the largest retailers in your area but you might find better options at smaller merchants that sell mostly natural products. When there is a very important factor that you should do to make sure you are buying cosmetics not examined on pets that is to learn labels.

You might stress your eye reading the tiny fonts nevertheless, you need to find out what substances were used on products that you apply on the body. In case you cannot figure out certain names, you can easily find online guides that will warn you if such items may cause cancer or not.

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You can download apps on your smartphone or tablet that will help you check product entries while shopping. Some manufacturers may label their goods as “natural” or “green” however in reality the products aren’t free. Don’t be fooled and always do your homework as brands might do some greenwashing to be able to have a good public image while in fact, the products have been tested on animals. Usually do not simply fall for brands such as “vegan” or “cruelty-free” as you are not residing in a perfect world. Seek advice and read tips, sites, and product reviews.

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