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I’d thought I’d take this time around to introduce myself. I’m Chris, but most people call me C-Ray. I pass cray17, cray2005, and similar things on other feminine muscle boards. Some of you know me by my mind-boggling support and respect for the feminine muscle. If you don’t know, you shall.

I have the upmost respect for any female would you this for a full-time income, regardless of female muscle category (FBB, fitness, amount) If this is easy, everyone (male and female) would do it, simple and plain. They’re women, they’re athletes, but most importantly, they’re human. These women do so much to consider your systems to levels people only dream of. All the haters know how to do is to criticize them to be who they are and what they do and just why? Because they’re jealous. Unlike the fans and sports athletes, they don’t understand the hard work it takes to build up top physiques. They don’t get the sacrifices that are made to be.

At first, after I was nothing more than a naive teen, I liked them because they were hot to me. They’re STILL hot if you ask me, but nowadays as I’m growing older and understanding the activity more, I’m concentrate more on the commitment and respect for what they do. Like everyone, I have my personal favorites. My five favorite FBBs (in no particular order) are Vicki Nixon, Diana Tinnelle, Theresa Hendricks, Cory Everson, and Dayana Caedeu. The best fitness competition (once again in no particular order) are Julie Childs, Kim Klein, Adela Garcia, Heidi Fletcher, and Jenny Hendershott.

And finally (in no order), the best figure rivals are Christine Pompomio-Pate, Jennifer Gates, Jane Awad, Monica Brant, and Amanda Savell. In addition to being a lover of female muscle, I’m a huge lover of pro-wrestling. Mainstream or 3rd party circuit, you name it, I like it. My favorite woman wrestler ever is Trish Stratus, a former fitness model.

And my favorite current man wrestler is John Cena, a previous amateur bodybuilder. My other favorite is Kofi Kingston. Others I dig are Samoa Joe, Mr. Kennedy, Umaga, MVP, AJ Styles, The Motor City Machine Guns, Torrie Wilson, Victoria, The Hardys, Sabu, RVD, Sandman, CM Punk, Elijah Burke, as well as the Rock (who are my ALL-TIME FAVORITE WRESTLER), among others.

I know it’s scripted (or if you would like to call it fake, I don’t caution), but I love it nevertheless. I’ve created a few Yahoo lover clubs, which were suprisingly (to me) successful. I’ll post them on another post. A good deal of the competitors have needed an assisting hand in a great deal of their respective organizations, which is cool.

  • 13 #13 FitNotes
  • Lipid profile (total cholesterol, HDL-C, LDL-C, triglycerides)
  • WW Bathrooom Scale-is it damaged
  • Nutritionist Consulting
  • 1-Shortness of breathing
  • 1 1/2 cup Roasted Veggies, minced
  • 4 medium white potatoes, peeled and cubed

The Civilian Curriculum as a summary of techniques to be proficient in based on the belt level, not commensurate with ability to fist fights kicks fights or blade pistol and membership threat defenses. After all, most parents do not need to send their kids to learn real hand at hand combat.

Civilian Krav Maga created a nonprofit firm to raise income to pay wages and spread Krav Maga across the world as the founder’s objective “so may one walk in peace”. Eli Avikzar, Imrich successor in the Israeli Defense Forces, Krav Maga who was also appointed by Imrich Lichtenfeld as the head of Rank Committee in the first Civilian Krav Maga association resigned the association and renamed his business Krav Magen. It must have been a great psychological pain for Eli Avikzar after dedicating his profession as the head of the Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga Department to not have the ability to call his fact in its name again.

In reality Krav Magen is a name of a Civilian Association teaching Krav Maga developed by Eli Avikzar. The irony is that other organizations are teaching other types of systems named Krav Maga. While you can see similarities in few techniques the rest of the system is simply a name.

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