Good Domain Name Picking SUGGESTIONS FOR Your Blog Setup

The first thing that comes to my mind when setting up a blog is getting a good website name. In this specific article, I’ve defined why it is thought by me is important to choose a good website name upfront. I’ve also explained how you can select a good website name for your blog or website followed by some website name picking tips and general outlines (“dos” and “don’t s”).

Apart from many other reasons, you want to pick a good website name for your blog/site right away, because probably you will be stuck with that website name for the rest of the blog’s life. You might change the domain hosting provider every once in awhile depending on how reliable your present domain hosting provider is however the domain name will stay the same. Use Keywords: Use keywords in the domain name that explain your site (if it makes sense).

The website name should suggest the nature of your service or product. A good domain name describes exactly what the site is about. It’s important for a visitor to get a concept of what the website is about simply by looking at the domain name. For example, if your site is approximately antiques and collectibles then make an effort to get a website name like “” or “www.collectibles”.com not “”. Keep carefully the domain name brief: A website name should be brief with less than 10 character types.

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It also helps the “Easy to keep in mind” point when the name is brief. Although, these days it’s extremely hard to get domain names that are short. Basically you don’t want to end up with a super long website name like “”. When the name gets too long it gets complicated and the name can be easily mistyped in the browser. Use hyphens if needed: Use hyphen (-) among the words if needed for your website name. If “” is taken then you can try “”.

Using hyphen(s) among what sometimes assist in improving readability. Additionally, it may help in the Search engine rankings. Make it easy to type: Make an effort to get a website name that is simple to type (when you can). Simple to type names of domain are best for branding. Only do it if it seems sensible though.

Domain name extension: Try to get the “.com” Top Level Domain (TLD) extension as it’s the most popular. It is also the most widely accepted website name extension. When people think about an website, their mind pictures “” as the address. You can even use the “. net” and “.org” extensions if you fail to find a “.com” extension.

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