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Midnight tonight is the deadline to apply for the news headlines Entrepreneur Boot Camp to be kept May 16-21 at the University of Southern California in LA. This intense, expenses-paid training is designed for 20 competitively selected digital business owners with great ideas for community information and information initiatives in the public interest. It is sponsored by Knight Digital Media Center together with the USC Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, the Center for Communication Public and Leadership Policy, and the web Journalism Review. Identifying the best business model for sustained success.

Developing a feasibility plan. Audience development and customer acquisition. Developing and implementing advertising and income strategies. Successful social networking models. Understanding and using analytics. Traditional information organizations are floundering as business models collapse and audiences are increasingly embracing alternative news and information sources. This special boot camp is designed for digital journalists and others who are passionate about new ideas for providing the info and information needs of their neighborhoods but who lack the grounding in business and startup skills. Expert faculty from both academia and the private sector will provide intense instruction, training and mentoring on developing marketable business programs for providing information and information in the public interest.

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Digital fluency. Should be able to individually create and control digital content in an online environment. Most important, must understand technology as tool and online as a grouped community. Business/math aptitude. Should be comfortable and qualified in mathematics and business environment. Topic Expertise. Must show experience/expertise in targeted topic/service area. Collaborative. Must demonstrate prior experience in working productively with others on tasks requiring advancement. Value-driven. Must be committed to values of precision, balance, fairness, reliability, inclusion, transparency and general public service.

Committed to Community Leadership. Must be able to identify and understand the dynamics of community information needs and become focused on servicing those needs. Fellowships include lodging and foods through the shoe cost and camp of instruction. A partial travel subsidy will be provided. Applications must be submitted online by midnight tonight, Friday, Feb. 19, by pressing here.

Consult the U.S.-China Business Council or the Ministry of Business at the Chinese consulate. Wong suggests getting in touch with the U also.S. Commercial Service office, which can direct one to local desks throughout China. Many of these resources can recommend a reliable international corporate attorney for you.

800 for a negative English translation of the business program. Perform thorough background checks or talk to other American business owners to find out who they used to join up. A professional liaison can let you know where you need to go to register, whether it’s the local, provincial or national government, and really should do the talking once you make it happen.

6. Organize the required documents. Harris. Nowhere will this theory apply more than as it pertains to what documents you’ll need to register. Although documents you will have to register for a WFOE will change from place to place, you can find an extensive list of what you might need, here.

Always plan a wildcard, though. Application forms may also differ depending on who you’re working with, so Harris says it is almost always best to obtain it directly from the local authority. 7. Trademark your intellectual property. Intellectual property violations are a big issue for foreign investors in China. Many U.S. manufacturers think that because they have a trademark at home, it shall hold up in China, but that isn’t the case.

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