Excess weight has been linked to many health issues, including psoriatic disease. “People who have psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis are more likely to be over weight,” says Eric Ruderman, MD, scientific practice director of rheumatology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. But exactly how weight and psoriatic joint disease are linked is complicated and not the same for everybody.

Being over weight or obese can be considered a risk factor for developing psoriatic arthritis, particularly if you have psoriasis already. The inflammatory ramifications of excess weight might explain, partly, the increased risk for psoriatic disease. “Obesity has adverse metabolic results that drive irritation, resulting in accelerated joint damage,” says Elliot Rosenstein, MD, co-medical director of the Institute for Autoimmune and Rheumatic Diseases at Atlantic Health System’s Neglect INFIRMARY in Summit, New Jersey. Fat tissue releases proteins known as cytokines that cause inflammation. This inflammation can cause enlarged tendons and joint parts associated with psoriatic joint disease, and when it occurs in your skin, it leads to the red, itchy plaques of psoriasis.

The effects of weight gain can be sensed in people who curently have psoriatic joint disease, as extra few pounds exacerbate the condition’s symptoms. “Excessive weight causes extreme strain and deterioration through the weight-bearing joint parts, aggravating symptoms thereby,” such as joint pain, bloating, and stiffness, says Dr. Rosenstein. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults who are over weight or obese are diagnosed with joint disease more regularly than adults with a lower BMI.

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Nearly 23 percent of obese and 31 percent of obese U.S. 16 percent of adults who are in or under normal weight. Carrying excess fat makes it more difficult to manage the consequences of psoriatic joint disease. Another weight-related concern is the effect on your treatment’s effectiveness. That’s because unwanted weight make a difference how drugs are prepared in the physical body. As Dr. Ruderman highlights, “carrying excess fat may impact the effects of medication negatively, biologics especially,” which target specific elements of the immune system associated with psoriatic disease.

The good news: Losing excess weight can help reduce the symptoms and change the course of psoriatic arthritis. Exercise can help not only with weight reduction but with conserving muscle mass and efficiency as well. Physical activity can boost emotional health, which is important because depression and anxiety are normal among people with psoriatic arthritis. Working out may be appear daunting when you have psoriatic arthritis. “In case your joints harm, sometimes it’s challenging to exercise more,” Ruderman says. “It’s far better focus on things you can do that don’t use joints that are bothering you. If your lower body hurts, work your chest muscles,” for example.

Swimming is a good all-around choice because it’s nonimpact, and the water’s natural buoyancy provides a pillow for unpleasant or swollen bones. Other options include yoga, tai chi, or using an elliptical machine or stationary bicycle. Ultimately, “it’s about movement and activity as much as, or more than, exercise,” Ruderman says.

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