TruVision Health Founders Shawn Gibson, Travis Martin, Derek Bailey

I am not familiar with the individual who wrote the above letter or the nonsense he/she is wanting to stir up, but it sounds if you ask me such as a sore loser certainly. If Plexus would have produced the same results as TruVision, it wouldn’t have any problem in the world of competion.

I am a very skeptical person who received a 7 Day Trial pack of TruVision from my daughter-in-law and didn’t take it for 45 times as I viewed them take it and lose weight and get healthy. When I decided to check it out finally, day I was convinced the this was real by the 3rd. I have lost over 85 Lbs.

  • 250 lbs to 200 pounds (BMI 40 to 32)
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  • Epstein-Barr infections
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  • Missfit Shine 2
  • 3 whole bananas

I am no longer a Diabetic, I am over 20 medications and 2 types of insulin off. Look into the mirror, everyone has a past, these 3 men have built up an organization with unselfish motives, many, many, people have lost weight and gotten HEALTHY, with the product. If you believe there is something bad in it don’t take it.

Just take a look at all the CRAP that the FDA approves that are killing people, it’s on the news headlines everynight, attorneys sueing drug companies because of part effects. The FDA approved drugs mean nothing, just Google search ‘deaths by recommended drugs’ and find out for yourself. TruVision is an excellent product and a great company.

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