What MAY I Do With My PSY Major

An undergraduate degree in psychology offers a broad basis for entry level positions. Uncover what you can do with your Undergraduate Psychology Major. However, for what most students wish to accomplish a graduate degree is highly recommended. The very first thing is to choose which part of psychology to focus on in graduate school. Based on what you want to do depends on whether a Master’s or Ph.D./Psy.D is most beneficial.

A the least a Master’s is needed to be considered a professional counselor. There will be licensing and guidance hours required before training on one’s own. There are some major distinctions between a scientific psychologist and a counselor or scientific social worker. Ph or Master’s.D. or Psy.D. Master’s, Ed.D., Ph.D. or Psy.D. Forensic psychology is a sub-field in psychology that combines psychology and the legal justice system.

Forensic psychologists generally do not do legal profiling; Most criminal profiling is performed by F.B.I. Suggested route is Ph.D. Crime Scene Investigation is not a sub field of forensic psychology, but there is sometimes confusion about the background needed to be a CSI. Some positions need a 4 year degree in science while others only need a GED or SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL graduation. In general, if you want to work in a crime lab, year degree in areas like biology and/or chemistry you’ll need at least a 4.

If seeking to collect proof at the scene of a criminal offense, however, not process what is collected in a laboratory then less formal education is generally required. Some agencies require an individual be considered a sworn officer to be able to collect evidence at a crime scene but many do not.

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