Fund Mobilization Of Commercial Banks

Commercial banking institutions are those banking institutions, which perform all kinds of banking functions as receiving deposits, advancing credits, credits creation, and agency functions etc. They offer short-term credit, medium-term credit, and long-term credit for trade and industry. In every country, the outset of financial development is quite different but there is no debate about the significant role of the banking sector for the financial development of the countries because they are considered as the main source of finance.

Without the development of sound commercial banking, underdeveloped countries cannot desire to join the ranks of advanced countries. If commercial development requires the utilization of capital, the use of capital equipment shall not be possible without the required capital. Commercial development will be impossible without the existence of markets of the products produced.

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On the other hands, the services of the commercial Banks will prolong the marketplace. Encouragement for the right type of industries. Essential for industry and trade. Promotion of capital formation. Commerce is the financial transactions related to buying and selling activities of goods and services. Therefore, commercial banks are those banks, which work form commercial viewpoint.

They perform all kinds of banking functions as accepting deposits, company function. They offer short-term credit, medium-term credit, and long-term credit to operate and industry. Commercial bank or investment company functions as an intermediately; agreeing to debris and providing credits to the needy area. This section highlights the books that’s available in the concerned subject; account mobilization of two joint-venture banks (Himalayan Bank or investment company Limited and Everest Bank or investment company Limited). Jv banks will be the commercial banking institutions firmed by signing up for the two or more enterprises. All the Nepalese JVBs are set up and operated under the rules legislation and assistance of Nepal Rastra Bank or investment company.

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