How To Hire A Programmer

There is not any magic bullet for hiring programmers. But I can share advice on a few methods that I’ve seen work, that I’ve written about right here and personally tried out through the years. 1. First, cross a number of simple “Hello World” online tests. I understand it sounds crazy, however some individuals who name themselves programmers can barely program.

To this day, I still get regular pings from people who tell me they had candidates fail the most primary programming test imaginable. That’s why very simple programming tests are step considered one of any sane interview process. These tests ought to happen on-line, and the aim is not to prove that the candidate is a few type of coding genius, however that they know what the heck programming is.

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Yes, it’s unhappy and kind of depressing that this is even mandatory, but if you don’t perform this sanity examine, trust me – you may be sorry. Some companies that do on-line code screening (I’m positive there are extra, however these are the ones I find out about) are Interview Zen and mobility. 2. Ask to see their portfolio.

Any programmer worth their salt should have a portfolio of the things they’ve worked on. It does not should be fancy. I’m simply on the lookout for a primary breadcrumb path of your awesomeness that you’ve got left on the web to assist others. Show me a Stack Overflow profile the place I can see what kind of communicator and problem solver you are.

Link me to an open-source code repository of your stuff. Got a professional weblog? Some other word I’ve by no means heard of? Excellent, let’s have a look. Share functions you’ve designed, or websites you worked on, and describe what parts had been yours. Just seeing what variety of labor people have accomplished, and what kind of online artifacts they’ve created, is tremendously helpful in getting a sense of what individuals do and what they’re good (or dangerous) at. 3. Hire for cultural fit. Like GitHub, I discover that cultural match is usually a stronger predictor of success than mad programming chops.

We would like any potential GitHubber to know what they’re moving into and guarantee it’s a very good match. A part of that is having dinner and talking about stuff like the culture, philosophy, errors we’ve made, plans, whatever. Early on we made a couple of hires for his or her expertise with little regard to how they’d fit into the culture of the corporate or in the event that they understood the philosophy. Naturally, those hires didn’t work out.

So whereas we care about the abilities of a possible employees, whether or not they “get” us is a serious half too. I realize that not each business has a neighborhood round what they do, but in case you do have a community it’s best to attempt like hell to hire out of your community each time attainable. These are the folks who were naturally drawn to what you do, that were pulled into the gravitational properly of your organization fully of their own accord. The chances of these candidates being a great cultural fit are abnormally excessive.

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