20 Great METHODS TO Market Your Business Locally

Whether your target audience is in your neighborhood or across the world, you can use your local resources to get the word out about your business. Your neighborhood community is easy to get at and provides dozens of opportunities for building a buzz about your product or service. Listed below are twenty ideas to get you started. 10 to hotel guests during check-in. In the event that you own a car engine wash, you could have the local car dealerships provide a certificate for a free of charge clean with all car buys away.

Think about businesses that are complimentary to yours and offer a promotion that is easy to allow them to apply and that will benefit their customers. 2. Contribute to Local Charities & Schools – Offer your products, services, or gift certificates for charity events and auctions. This will get you exposure to everyone who attends the event and build loyalty with members of the business you are supporting- not forgetting a tax write-off!

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3. Leave Brochures, Fliers, and Business Cards Everywhere – Many local businesses will help you display your credit cards and brochures. 4. Hold a Contest – People love to get stuff for free and contests are a terrific way to lure in new customers. Make the prize’s something people want, or even simply a present certificate or shopping spree for your business. Make sure to alert the media to your contest.

Have kids color pictures or post stories related to your business. Have customers send funny business slogans. Hold a poetry competition with a theme related to your business. Have people send their best solutions to problems related to your business. For instance, if you own a garden center, people could submit their best gardening tips. Take this a step further and distribute the entries in a booklet when the contest is over. Host a recipe competition if you have a food-related business. 5. Use Gift Certificates Creatively – Gift certificates are great for business because they set you back next to nothing at all, bring in cash, and they’re not redeemed often.

Get your customers to buy present certificates by offering them a special reward. 5 off your next purchase around. 5 dated for use the next month only. 5 you’ve given them. 6. In-Home Parties – Mary Kay, Tupperware, and Pampered Chef are simply a few of the ongoing companies who generate big sales from small parties.

This strategy won’t work for everyone businesses, but if you have products that could reap the benefits of an in-home party, contact your friends, family, and business associates and get the party started. 7. Join Local Trade Organizations – Many organizations hold regular conferences and free seminars, providing you with another chance to make valuable contacts. Even though you don’t think your business can reap the benefits of networking, you might be amazed by the contacts you can make at these occasions. 8. Canvas Neighborhoods – Instead of just leaving a flier Nearby, you could leave an inexpensive item or tips booklet.

One local Realtor trapped an American flag on the lawns of everybody in our community and then left her brochure on the doorsteps. Not merely did the neighborhood look wonderful with all of those flags waving in the blowing wind, but everyone loves a patriotic theme. That is a great strategy for all sorts of holidays: Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, Day Memorial, etc. You could take this basic idea a step further and do something similar for every one of the major holidays. 9. Join Everything – Even the PTA (Parent/Teacher’s Association) can be considered a great spot to network. Join publication clubs, writer’s groupings, or any mixed sets of interest for you, even if they don’t really directly relate to your business.

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