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Rinse the perspiration off your face immediately after exercising. Any right time you sweat, from exercising especially, your skin layer is getting rid of acids and poisons from your system. These are things you don’t want to permit drying on your skin layer. When you outdoors are exercising, you’re wearing sunscreen (I hope). So it’s not only sweating that is going to dry on the top, but sunscreen also. This may not only cause irritation but congestion as well. It is imperative that you don’t let this blend dry on that person. If you do, all the dangerous junk seated on your skin’s surface will cause the prospect of irritations, small bumps (I see this a great deal), and small whiteheads under your skin layer.

These problems commonly show up where the sweat drips-the sides of the throat, under the chin, and around the temples. If you’re from home but have access to water away, great. Splash-rinse that person until you have removed all the sweaty residue off your skin. Then once you get home, make sure and do your Basics routine (cleanse, firmness, hydrate). Many of my active clients see a definite improvement in their pores and skin after they utilize this splash-rinse method.

Sometimes you may be out working out where you don’t get access to drinking water, yet you’ve surely got to get the sweat off your skin layer. If you fail to rinse that person, I will propose something to you that is not a great practice at all and is not the optimum certainly.

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However, the real way I view it, it’s the smaller of two evils. After exercise that cause sweating (especially heavy sweating), and before the sweat starts to dry on your skin, use an individually wrapped damp towelette, facial cleansing cloth, or baby wipe tissue. Go over your complete face and neck, the trunk of your neck, and the edges of your neck of the guitar especially.

Keep in mind, this is short-term until you get home where you can properly clean your skin layer with good products. These towelettes can have severe elements in them (sometimes alcoholic beverages), but I really believe it is better to get all the sticky, sweaty rubbish off your skin than let it dried out on that person rather. You will almost always have access to water, which is the best way to get the sweat off your skin.

So the damp towelette route would be the least-preferred strategy to use. I am not advocating their use constantly or frequently even. But if you haven’t any other recourse (other than letting the sweat dry on your skin layer), use a towelette. Keeping bottled water in your vehicle is one way to ensure you will always be in a position to splash-rinse after exercising. Even if you’re definately not home (as well as your cleanser), at least you can get the sticky goo off that person and go back home without causing the potential for breakouts. Keep in mind, you are rinsing everything, including sunscreen, off your face.

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