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Furthermore, Lisa has a long time of experience with medical quality peels helping her patients receive their maximum skin care goals. She understands that clinical skin care offers a full spectrum of anti-aging treatments and medical pores and skin solutions in comparison to regular day spa treatments. She has a passion for improving one’s appearance and well being. In her spare time, she enjoys, running, fishing, boating, and spending time with her family. The name of Sky Med Spa was motivated and called after her little girl Skyler.

It will come in a variety of colors too! I find that this product is too greasy for my preference. Although I love the pigmentation and color of this product, I feel it suits people who have dry to normal skin. This contour & blush duo is ideal if you are targeting a dewy and natural get rid of on your cheeks. Staying power is bad too, though. I like putting it on my lashes only for subtle quantity and sometimes I top it off with my fave black mascara for extra description. It generally does not sting my eye and does not have a pungent smell. But I mostly use this for making those annoying fly-away eyebrow hair stay static in place.

It does its job for such an affordable price of P110.00. Confession: I purchased this for the pretty mascara wand. The mascara applicator is fairly small and it is mace-shaped. This eyelash mascara doesn’t surpass its name; it doesn’t volumize my lashes pretty much and it’s not THAT waterproof.

It’s so untidy after i applied it and requires a lot of time to apply (or possibly it’s just me?). It can an okay job for getting through those hard-to-reach lashes though due to its wand size. But, would I buy this even for just P219 again.00? For P199.00 what do you get?

A cheaper choice for those really expensive long-wearing lip color! This product is absolutely long-wearing but I don’t think it holds on for 24 hrs (who’d wear lipstick that long in any case?). It is crazy pigmented and it’s really so hard to remove; it can actually stain your skin, clothes, etc. It has 2 steps: (1) Apply semi-permanent color base, (2) Placed on gloss top coating.

The drawback is that even if it dries matte, it’s sticky. Plus, if you placed on the gloss that is included with it, the base product slides off. But I guess it’s an alright product if you would like a lip color that stays on. And if you don’t mind the stickiness when it models, this product is for you then. Priced at P219.00 in SM Dept. Stores, this coloured gloss claims that it’s long-wearing and it is kiss-proof (it won’t transfer when you kiss someone or when you smack your lips on something).

  • Gives the looks of wearing no makeup
  • Love (24)
  • Roses (Rosa)
  • Stained cup is cut, designed and fitted into stations of lead emerged
  • Showcase your work as often as possible
  • Bottom: Dress Pants Brown Belt
  • Try as a DIY highlighter

I tried it and it really provides good stain and dries matte. However, you have to keep in mind that you have to moisturize your lips well before you apply this since it emphasizes the dryness of your lips (it’s not a lot of a ‘gloss’, really). I don’t enjoy it because it feels uncomfortable on my lip area.. P But also for the price, color pay is good and it does its job remaining put off.

I just love this Revlon product to the nth level! I purchased my 1st one in ‘Berry Smoothie’ and I was so excited to get a different one! But this time, It was got by me for sale for only P262.00. Many thanks, Kat for letting me know about the 50% discount! Good heavens, I cannot say anything negative concerning this product! (Well maybe it easily melts in warm weather?

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