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I’m so fired up to talk about this with everyone! I don’t believe many of you can inform from my pictures, but I have this nagging problem with my tooth that I wish to be rid since FOREVER. From my usual smiley pictures, it doesn’t appear to be there’s any big issues.

I wouldn’t say it’s extremely overcrowded, but it’s been a concern when I converse quite. Considering that I’m shorter than most people, it gets even more obvious when I speak since people look from the top view. In pictures, I cannot smile with receptive jaws because the crooked tooth is really clear. I don’t genuinely have problems with my top row of teeth but the front side teeth nearer to my right is slightly crooked as well.

I always wished to do something to straighten my teeth but it isn’t that serious for me personally to wanting to experience the pain of traditional braces. Ever since I heard of Invisalign, I became dying to try out this operation out since it’s less agonizing than traditional braces, plus much more of a breeze to finding straighter tooth definitely!

Before I acquired started out with Invisalign, I put to cope with some basic smile problems such as filling up and cleaning first. I haven’t gone to a dentist since I graduated from secondary school HAHAHA therefore I was looking to hear a lot of teeth problems from my dentist but it didn’t turn out as bad when I thought!

I stopped at TLC Dental Center for my Invisalign. TLC means Tender, Loving, Good care, and I must say they live by their name haha really! Dr Kevin Co. helped me with my basic teeth problems. I’m seriously very very worried of checking out the dental practitioner since young because they ALWAYS hurt so bad but luckily, Dr Kevin Co is the most soft tooth doctor I’ve EVER achieved. The complete process was uncomplicated! I only needed to do some cleaning (scaling and polishing) and filling for just two decaying pearly whites.

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= $ =p>The total effect. O Appears like a brand new tooth HAHAHA. Uncertain which makes me more stupid than average people to OR that my brain utilized all the intelligence so I don’t have enough to develop into a supplementary tooth HAHA just kidding. Whatever it is, I’m glad I don’t have to have the pain and can start with my Invisalign instantly without the extractions!

Side. Looks like I have a really nice jawline from here haha. Anyway, from here, you can see that I’ve something like an underbite (?) and my top row protrudes more than it should. That will be something that Invisalign will be correcting! It won’t be pushed back too much, maybe simply a little so my lip condition won’t have an enormous change.

Orthodontists are dental care specialists who identify, prevent, and treat cosmetic and dental care irregularities. They specialize in every type of braces which include Ceramic/Crystal Braces, Metal Braces, Lingual Braces, and Invisalign. How come an Orthodontist much better than normal dentists when it comes to treating your teeth/jaw alignment problems? Like everyone else trust a cardiologist for your soul problem and a dermatologist for a problem, an orthodontist has in-depth experience in curing your crooked pearly whites/jaw by way of a formal education program after their normal dental care program. Orthodontists have the knowledge of the full selection of orthodontic appliance available.

You may only see your crooked leading teeth, however the orthodontists will be able to see the reason behind crooked tooth and use their competence to plan the answer to give you a wholesome, attractive giggle. All prices exclude GST. I was told that other dental care center charges the very same price but provided by a standard dentist instead of an expert.

I will trust an orthodontist more given that they have more understanding of our crooked tooth and jaw! If you will be paying the same price, may as well go for a specialist right? I discovered this mold of Invisalign at the dentist’s desk therefore I have a harsh measure of how it’ll look like on my teeth.

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