Planting Trees & Shrubs

Planting trees and shrubs can take place anytime from springtime to fall. When the bottom thaws, until a couple weeks before freezing in the fall. Bare-root shrubs and trees and shrubs should be planted in springtime or early summertime, as they might need a longer period to establish roots to survive the winter. To get ready the dirt for planting a tree or shrub, it is most important to dig a broad hole.

This loosens and aerates the soil providing a much better environment for new main growth. The gap should be at least 45-60 cm bigger than the main ball. A good rule of thumb is to make the hole about doubly big around as the size of the container that the shrub emerged in. At this right time you might add a few handfuls of bone meal to encourage root development.

Next take away the tree or shrub from the pot, and softly untangle the roots to spread in to the garden soil as the vegetable grows. Set the tree in to the hole, and fill the gap with good topsoil. Firm the dirt around the roots to prevent any fresh air pouches. Firm the soil throughout the plant leaving a slight depression around the base of the plant to catch extra moisture.

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WATER THOROUGHLY. Plants should be watered thoroughly every couple of days if there is insufficient rainfall. As your tree or shrub grows, try to keep the grass from growing too near to the plant. Much sod will need valuable nutrition from a tree or shrub looking to get set up away.

Organic mulch applied about 8-10 cm dense has many advantages: it insulates the root base of the plant from heat and reduces moisture reduction. It also reduces garden soil compaction, regulates weeds, and has added eyes appeal. Fertilizer added to the planting hole may burn the origins of the tree. It is usually not necessary to fertilize at planting time but a water soluble fertilizer used as directed can help the plant to get started. Fertilize in springtime and early summer time for best results. Pruning is removing selected living or useless parts of a plant to keep up appearance, health, and also to regulate growth. It can be used to increase flowering, rejuvenate, shape and improve structural power of shrubs.

It is important to choose a proper shrub for every location. A shrub that is suitable for the soil type, amount of sun, and whose older size fit’s the chosen location will grow better and be more attractive. If the correct size of plant can be used Also, drastic pruning will not be required to keep a plant in its space in the foreseeable future.

Time of pruning varies with plant types. Many woody ornamentals are pruned according to their date of flowering. For example springtime flowering vegetation are generally pruned once they bloom. Summer flowering generally are pruned during the dormant season prior to the new growth begins. Pruning at the right time produces the best show of flowers and the healthiest trees and shrubs.

Prune springtime flowering timber soon after they finish blooming and after the new leaves are fully opened. Prune summer season flowering trees and shrubs late winter or early spring prior to the new growth starts. Prune evergreens when they may be growing in past due spring positively. Prune birch and maple trees when they may be completely leaf all the timber while they are dormant in late spring prior to the new leaves open.

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