National Association Of Investment Clubs: Low-Income Investing

The National Association of Investment Clubs, which is officially known as the National Association of Investment Corporations (NAIC), provides information for people who want to create investment night clubs. Investment clubs provide a way for all sorts of individuals to find out about investing and investments and what sort of equity and debts markets work. Forming investment clubs provides many individuals, people that have low earnings especially, a chance to build prosperity and understand the lessons of investing and conserving.

NAIC is a member-driven business whose mission it is to educate investors on the benefits and benefits of trading through investment night clubs. An investment membership, which is comparable to a mutual finance (although minus a few of the legal requirements provided under Federal securities laws and regulations), is simple to determine. Investment night clubs are particularly favored by low-income investors who may not have sufficient capital to invest independently.

A low-income trader may use the membership advantage access software for investment accounting purposes, learn best practices for starting an investment golf club and access web templates and other documents for such programs as dividend reinvestment, or DRIP. Using the energy of an organization such as NAIC empowers low-income traders to get financial freedom and pass the lessons of trading with their children and following generations.

I anticipate the next era of East African business owners who see an opportunity to deliver a much better product at a more affordable price, making these accessible to numerous. In conditions of development in the rural areas, and one that I hope will gain financing and traction force, is the shift from small-scale to commercial farming.

Many development programs concentrate on building smallholder farmers. But in my estimation, and much like micro-finance not being the perfect solution is to development, small-scale farming is not the solution to building stronger rural economies. Not everyone is an entrepreneur and you will need certain character qualities to have the ability to build a farming business.

Which market do you observe most attractive and just why in East Africa Region? We are preparing to see demand grow for better logistics as international companies come into the region and as local companies develop and look for top quality services. Another market is within local production and products substituting imports specifically. What opportunities do the thing is in oil and gas boom in East Africa and how is DOB taking advantage of these opportunities?

DOB will not invest in the coal and oil sector; however we could look at the industrial sector linked to gas and oil such as transportation or logistics. What advice do you have for the governments in improving the investment climate in East Africa? Enhancing the continuing business environment for traders and companies. Making it simple and quick to apply for permits and licenses.

Saskia van der Mast can be an Investment Manager at DOB Equity and joined the team over about ten years ago. Saskia is based in Nairobi presently, Kenya. She brings an abundance of experience in impact investment and has performed a respected role in building DOB’s strategy and collection of innovative, impactful, and scalable companies. She amongst others has been responsible for sourcing and completing investments including M-KOPA, Bridge International Academies, and Countryside Dairy.

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This is in no way an exhaustive list, and there are extensive pros and cons to all or any types of retirement plans, so it will pay to do extensive research before deciding. With that said, the Roth IRA is a distinctive retirement savings vehicle and may be a great part of your long-term financial planning.

See: Internal Revenue Bulletin 2007-36, issued September 4, 2007 (REG-128224-06), “Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Notice of Public Hearing Section 67 Limitations on Estates or Trusts”. Since investment advisory fees are generally incurred by individuals, they are at the mercy of the 2% floor. If there have been a quantifiable cost for investment advisory fees as they dealt specific with unique trust issues, the Court left the door open for a full deduction without the 2% floor. These will be uncommon, however, given the Court’s opinion.

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