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Chances are if you work for a company, you might sometimes need to create a document in Microsoft Word, either by taking someone else’s document and using it as a template for creating your own from scuff. If you just type things in Word and haven’t used the time to understand how to do it professionally, you are doing yourself a disservice.

I’ve seen documents at different companies that have had quite bad formatting. You can significantly improve the quality of your projects in MS term by investing in a few hours of practice that can pay off over the course of your career. University students in particular, focus on this. I’ve always been in a position to learn a couple of things from the “For Dummies” books, which is no exception.

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Well, the one exception has been respect to investing. Phrase 2010 For Dummies shall pay for itself many times over. Unless you want to employ a book, there are always a true quantity of different sources/tutorials across the web, on youtube particularly, but they aren’t very systematic, meaning they typically only address specific topics you may be searching for help on. Many people have never heard of “Styles” in Word (myself included, until a couple of years ago), or if you’ve heard about them it’s likely you have thought that they were some type of super-advanced thing you never had a need to use.

Let me let you know right now that you are incorrect if you believe that. They are extremely easy once you get used to them actually, and they are essential to developing a professionally formatted record. One of the key things styles enable you to do is to ensure constant formatting during your document. Break your words up with pictures. Use furniture, statistics, diagrams, and illustrations. Though your prose may be excellent, your survey shall be more appealing with some figures. Format these figures Consistently.

If you are employing reasonably sized dining tables, use MS Word’s embedded table function to create tables. They will have the same look and feel and will improve the quality of your document is vastly. Frankenstein-like compilation of tables extracted from various excel documents, pdf screenshots etc. It could take time for you to retype a table into a phrase, but the results are often well worth your time and effort.

Also, caption the statistics consistently. Word desk, try this technique, it changed my entire life. Work with a cover page, particularly for longer reports. The built-in cover pages are pretty awesome and you will modify them a bit if needed. Study other documents. Look around on the web and at different reports you might have on your desk right now.

See what works and what doesn’t. Academic papers are all usually very consistently formatted and can be used as a basic starter model. When you can get your hands on them, I like equity analyst research reports from a finance perspective. In particular, the bigger banks have large, well-paid editing departments that produce the right-looking documents. Don’t go overboard. Simpler is often better. Learn how to complement colors by changing RGB beliefs exactly. Color Cop can be an awesome, free tool you may use to exactly match colors in your document to a company logo, picture, or any other color you will probably find on the web.

I won’t rent to you- learning all this stuff can be a tedious, unpleasant exercise at first. This is why many people don’t bother and why it will help set you aside as someone who produces top quality, professional work. You don’t have to learn it all at once, but make a consistent effort to dedicate a few hours a week to the and you’ll definitely notice the results.

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