Should I Trade In My 2019 M3 TO GET A 2019 911 4S?

I really appreciate everyone’s input. I’m fully alert to the choice which i made. Agree it wasn’t the very best financial decision but the way I consider it I could be spending that money in worse ways. Leasing had not been an option for me. 1200 LEASES. Those individuals who leased with those rates will be the ones who should be asking themselves what they are doing with their money.

At the finish of your day vehicles are my biggest hobby. I know I would not be taking into consideration the future when I say this but I don’t value having my own mortgage anytime soon. I’ll mix that bridge once i get there. I can handle the monthly premiums for now. Already almost a year in and owe 61K in another calendar year it will likely be 50k. Time flies and before I understand it it’ll be paid off. Worst case I’ll refinance in a year or two to recuperate some monthly cashflow. Doesn’t seem sensible to sell the car now, get 55-60K for this and then buy a car or truck.

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I’d rather sacrifice the extra money for my very own car knowing I’ve been the only owner and already invested time and adequate money into it. I’m 23 and single so I’ve got my very existence to think about a house. If I wait around until I get married/have kids no way I’d be considering a car such as this. These cars were made to be liked and I shouldn’t have to wait until I’m old to enjoy it easily can draw it off now while I’m young.

Once again, I must say i appreciate everyone’s insight. Tons of family/friends suggested against my decision told me to invest in multi family homes, finish student loan payments, etc. I took all that into consideration before tugging the cause with this car. I understand what I acquired into myself into and I’m already in it and do not intend to back out (So long as I don’t have any catastrophic life changes). Man you really have the incorrect mentality and it appears like your friends/family were trying to give you sound advise that you ignored.

Just because I didn’t follow their advice mean that I overlooked it. I lived 4 years alone when I went to college actually. My parents taught me how to cook, clean, all the “life skills” I need to be on my own. You guys act like I’m going to be paying this car off the rest of my entire life. It’s a 60 month loan that’s almost a yr paid off. I’m going to be 27 when the automobile is paid off nothing like I’d have a home loan paid off by then if I didn’t have the car lol some people spend their entire lives paying it off. I’d rather enjoy my M3 than live on my very own for a couple of years is that such a crime? Please stop judging my financial decisions. Some people lease cars some individuals buy them some lease their whole life others buy a home TO EACH THEIR OWN.

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