Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas That Aren’t Boring

There are so many wildly different ways to beautify a Christmas tree, yet most of us finish up doing the same kind of thing every year: lamps and Garland, some shaded globes and a mishmash of ornaments we’ve collected over time. It’s traditional, sure, but it can also be pretty boring. If you’re looking for some unique spins on the old familiar, check out these fresh designs from rustic and natural to dazzlingly bright and strong -. Consider your Christmas tree a blank slate for telling a brand-new story this year.

For this tree, blogger Lia Griffith centered on the theme in warm woodland imagery and earthy materials with solid wood reindeer figures, paper snowflakes, and metallic superstars and globes. Sprigs of bright berries and a minor use of red-striped burlap ribbon add a pop of crimson – however, not too much. We love that she chose a reindeer topper instead of a star! A white tree with a few carefully placed blue ornaments proves that less can be more when it comes to holiday decor.

Just looking as of this tree evokes a sense of brisk wintry air, swirling with snowflakes. According to Heather at Setting For Four, the goal was to combine some glamour with components of nature. The metallic ornaments provide sparkle and shine, as the pops of color evoke the crystalline blue of glaciers. Meanwhile, wise little owls and other woodland creatures watch the vacation happenings quietly.

What a lovely way to bring the stillness and beauty of the snowy forest indoors! Gold and white are a perfect color structure for decorating a tree, as both hues reflect the glowing lighting attractively. This tree also by Lia Griffith was a work of heart with handmade decorations truly, including the paper houses and diamond-shaped ornaments, wooden stars and felt garland. These natural materials and the Scandinavian design details combine to create a vibe of comfortable simplicity. The beauty of the design concept is you could create it using the ornaments you already own by simply arranging them in order of color – no extra expenditure or even DIY required.

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Of course, you might find that you’re missing some of the colors, such as orange and yellowish, so just a little spray paint and glitter might maintain order, as recommended by blogger Rachel at Lines Across. The final result is so radiant and cheerful, it’s worth the extra effort. Not everything Christmas-related needs to include sleighs and snowflakes, as seashore-dwellers celebrate the holiday season, too!

Find some seaside motivation in this tree by Crafts By Courtney, which includes oceanic elements like starfish, seashells, mermaids, and more in a white-and-aquamarine palette. Each day at the beach The overall impact is really as calming as. Who says red and green or gold and silver are the only color combinations anyone wants to see around the holidays? The Crafted Sparrow protected her tree in a wide variety of shapes, patterns, textures, and words, all following a bold black-and-white scheme, which puts an elegant spin on the same old holiday adornments.

As the bloggers over at Tami and Kevin point out, a white Christmas tree is a blank slate onto which any ornamental theme can be applied. Year One, these bloggers were motivated by Japan because of their holiday decoration, decking out a white tree in vibrant paper lanterns, followers, origami cranes, and cherry blossoms.

The end result is a distinctive East-meets-West take on the usual vacation Tannenbaum. At first glance, this looks like a snow-laden tree that was simply brought indoors. Blogger Liz at Love Grows Wild stuck to natural elements because of this design, with pine cones, white sprigs, and a burlap-and-lace ribbon woven throughout vertically. Antique-looking bells were added for a sweet old-fashioned touch. The full total result is a quiet-rest effect, with the top white globes evoking snow on pine branches. This tree appears lovely to consume enough! A cotton-candy-pink tree doesn’t need much decoration to pack a visual punch, and this blogger chose only a few colorful globes along with peppermint candies and handmade out ornaments.

Check out the tutorial at Studio DIY for instructions on crafting your own donut adornments. They’d make for impressive holiday gifts as well! Inspired by “Dr. Who,” blogger Lindsay at Shrimp Salad Circus imagined up this festive vacation ode to outer space and the fantastic beyond. When considering her color scheme, Lindsay published, “I simply love how even though we often think of space as this endless field of dark, there are crazy shiny Lisa Frank colors playing out there around!

She spray-painted a tree with rich, spacey colors and then selected just a few globe ornaments – along with a nod to Dr. Who, of course – and ended up with a tree that might result in inter-galactic peace just. In Southern decor, the theory is to “go big or go back home often,” and blogger Jessica at House Filled with summer went big – and silver and glittery really. Covered top to bottom in gold and white, the towering tree was infused with glitz and glamour, plus a few Southern touches such as sprays of magnolia leaves. The ultimate product is a giant golden glitter bomb of Christmas festivity.

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