The Fitness Journey Of FitGirl-ATX: 12/01/2019

Anthony DiLugio, Mike Mahler, and Lisa Shaffer to keep me progressing. For competitive body building or body, I use Jerry Malina in Austin, TX. When I’m concentrating on fitness and want to change up the routine, I work with CATZ Sports or Bruce Acuna of Bruce’s KO Boxing in Austin, TX. When I’m dieting, I use Mike Davies of The Fitness Factory (who’s just AWESOME).

I coach other folks so often, that I want someone to help me tweak and perfect my very own training routines and concern me in various ways. Coaches/trainers are great resources, and I rely on coaches to reach my own fitness goals, just as others rely on me. There are techniques a coach can push you that you can’t achieve alone; in addition, my trainers can spot me rather than me working out by myself.

I am actually dealing with Mike Mahler for another 3 months to concentrate on conditioning and weight loss and with Mike Davies on my diet. I discovered Mike in early 2006, at about the same time I uncovered Anthony DiLugio and Lisa Shaffer. September at a workshop he hosted with Lisa Shaffer in Dallas I met him earlier this, TX.

I enjoy Mike’s energy, routines, and his focus on the true power & fitness. So, I decided to become one of his on-line clients as a visible change of speed. For the first 4 weeks, I rotate between 3 different circuit routines that combine kettlebell and traditional strength drills. Week I am finishing up the first cycle now and will start cycles 2 next. He designs all of my circuits, and I’m endeavoring to stick with this program exclusively, while adding in some of my own fun training occasionally (like AoS videos).

Winter time is the toughest time of year for me to maintain with my kettlebell training since the garage area is so cool, but I thought Mike may help keep me motivated and on track. Not to mention, he can help me draw together some loose ends with my own program design. I plan to go back to CATZ Sports in January for spring training. Mike’s programs and CATZ will overlap for approximately a 5 weeks, but it shall be fun; I’ll likely substitute CATZ for my 2x/week interval cardio sessions that Mike prescribes. Far Thus, I’ve not been as strict with my interval cardio as I am with my training. I tend to do my very own thing for cardio. I still get it in, but I change it out up alot. Up to now I’m getting great results and find out improvements in my own conditioning and overall strength.

  • Cut Out Excess Calories and Pleasure Foods
  • 5 finger 3rds
  • Be reasonable about your expectations and set goals
  • Profit Margin (24%)
  • Spray Tanning*
  • 9 years ago from United Kingdom
  • Skipping Meals to reduce Belly Fat
  • Vitamin B12 supplements must be taken to avoid a deficiency

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